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The Genesis of a Substitute Teacher

As a substitute, I have gained a wide range of insights through my assignments at over a dozen different schools. Some of those being within the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city of Milwaukee… Continue reading

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Bank Executive Fraud on an Industrial, Global Scale: Bill Black Interview

Regardless of whether your politics is right or left, Democrat or Republican, a Bill Moyer fan or not, please watch this interview with William K. Black. Professor Black is an economist, attorney, and a faculty member of the University Missouri at … Continue reading

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Volunteercoin: Bitcoin Protocol Merged with Social Value and Public Purpose

Presently money instruments or things used to settle transaction agreements, e.g. dollars and credit cards, are unequally produced and distributed by governments and recognized banks. Even the monetary innovation called bitcoin, mined by computers and known as a cryptocurrency, is … Continue reading

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I’ll Have The Bit But Hold The Coin Please: #BTC technology and #ComplementaryCurrency

First, this is not an essay about Bitcoin, at least not the currency part of it. Bitcoin the currency appears to have a few problems and myths dogging it, not the least of which is all the profit seeking associated … Continue reading

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The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT).

This being the Christmas season, many people think primarily about shopping and secondarily about THE greatest story ever told—the birth of Jesus. For billions of people the story of Jesus Christ is an historical fact, not fiction. His story gave … Continue reading

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EconoMonitor : Great Leap Forward » Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial State

EconoMonitor : Great Leap Forward » Mazzucato: The Entrepreneurial State.

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Debt, Deficits, and Modern Monetary Theory

Debt, Deficits, and Modern Monetary Theory. Cross-posted from The Harvard International Review.

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What is neo-liberalism and why does it matter?

Originally posted on Euro-Irish Public Policy:
Do free markets actually exist and is the accumulation of wealth the defining characteristic of what it means to be human? Introduction The underlying assumptions governing neo-classical economics and its political expression in neo-liberalism…

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Another Potential Increase in Economically Bad Private Sector Debt

Another good example to report on how excess Federal Reserves on bank balance sheets will be used in the coming years. Case in point, this morning’s announcement about Dish’s offer to buy Sprint: via @WSJ. Both of these companies, … Continue reading

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Why Not Use The RICO Act To Pursue Wall Street Executives?

On January 22, 2013, the PBS program Frontline presented a documentary on what our American justice system has done to investigate and prosecute fraud emanating from the financial crash that began in September 2008. The documentary was titled The Untouchables. … Continue reading

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