Sapient State: An Enlightened Self Interest Perspective

Our democratic political system is broken leaving our culture in a stagnant state.  When ordinary citizens don’t take the time to understand the critical issues affecting them then democracy by the people becomes dysfunctional. That dysfunction creates a vacuum which today is filled by a plutocratic few who work for narrow selfish interests. Mass media organizations make it even more difficult by focusing day after day on superficial popular culture, one-sided political opinions, and polling surveys rather than on analysis of issues and ideas that address them.  By not critically assessing the issues we become like the proverbial frog in water that is slowly brought to a boil.

We need not despair though if only we choose to engage our minds more deeply. There are exciting ideas to solve our greatest social, economic, and environmental challenges such as unemployment, healthcare, a sustainable food chain, climate, et al. This blog will focus on bringing light to those ideas from a layman’s perspective to increase our wisdom or sapient state.


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