Fairness For All is Freedom

Enlightened self-interest is what makes us human and separate from the rest of our physical universe.  The enlightened part is critically important. Without it we are only ego driven, pleasure-seeking narcissists going through life mindlessly wreaking havoc on everything around us. We are not free nor do we have liberty since we are captives to a relentless pursuit of greed and selfish interest. No better than animals driven by their instincts.

Everything posted to this blog, it is hoped, will focus on illuminating ideas to solve problems from an enlightened or ethical perspective. While everyone wants the freedom to pursue their dreams individually there must be fairness and concern for all in that pursuit. Decreasing fairness leads to increasing inequality. Without social, economic, and environmental contracts in a philosophical sense that are based on fairness and concern for all then we are not good stewards of the abundance provided to all of us who live on this earth.

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